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workshop space and interns

We have had many famous artists, directors, producers, authors, travel magazine writers stay with us. I am reminded of several legendary places in Europe and healing retreats in the USA where artists stay on scholarships and Interns learn crafts. OMG what a chance to offer this opportunity to the greats and opportunities to learn from them. An artist could stay a short time and make a piece , stay longer and work on a larger piece , teach class at the donkey mill near by or our interns. Interns can learn from the visiting artists and from our resident artist . Our resident artist teach wood working ,fabrication, basic carpentry. painting. radio dj. AS with a;; guests there is a refundable deposit. Some prefer to do 1 piece and rent the other days while others do more involved pieces, While interns can explore more possibilities. 

we ask for 300 a month and 500 -1800
if you are asking us to work with your college units and educational program needs. Healing workshop also offers opportunities for healers.
Past adventures
We have guest , staff, locals , and local practitioners that can benefit from healing crafts or work ,
workshops, and classes. We have had level 5 cranisacral classes and work here, level three Trager,
water massage / dolphin water massage and yoga workshops here too. Teachers have been MDs, Dos,
Lac's, LMTs. And Hawaiian healers do workshops here.
Workshop specails
Practitioner will generally rent rooms and get 1
free room for the teacher and or coordinator. In some cases the practitioner will rent and do sessions or
just do sessions and not rent, A deposit is required for practitioner and interns . Interns have a coaching ,
hands on healing , and food healing track.
Our principal therapist is taking Interns 500-3500 a month depending on the track. Under graduate and
graduate units are available. Healing hands on has message, herbalism, permaculture, holistic health, and
The coaching track
offers peak performance , healing communication , somatics, and
interventions addiction and depression.
The food healing track
offers cooking , ice cream , gelato ,
custard,( keto, vegan , cilac, ) herbalism, breads , pies, healing soups and conji.
Ceus and college credit
What ever your track we
can make a custom program for you and college units and degrees are available.

How do you I apply

Write a cover letter and give us 3 references. In your cover letter be sure to state your interest or
track. If you want to put on a workshop , here , do your own marketing, and do more classes or
workshops around the island. What are the dates you are interested in ,how many days are you
interested in staying , and what your wish or vision is for coming to the island, what your desire,
wish.Bsically what is your vision for bringing your energy and gifts to  Kona Hawaii.
Thanks so mush for being yourself and bringing your gifts to the world. We look forward to meeting in

John F Betlach BA MA MBA OLC Laci CTM EMT NA
Directors of Colleges, Directors of medical programs , leaders in their own healing modalities, have
spoke to our healing work here or taught here
Here is the chance for use all to collaborate, bring art, healing and healthy food to our
community. Intentional community and growth is rewarding.

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