Vacation Packages

Pre-Paid Certificate Packages

Come to Hawaii for an Adventure!

$2,000 Certificate Package

7 day stay

+500 points toward activities

Beach Option: Beach equipment, sun umbrellas, chairs, cooler

Therapy Option: LED light treatment, electromagnetic

$2,500 Intensive Structural Massage Get-Away

7 day stay

+500 points toward activities

Body Unlocked Or 

Body Make Over: Intensive Structural Massage

$3,000 Couples Reconnect Massage Get-away

7 day stay

+500 points toward activities

Special Couples Massage

Package Ideas

Get a massage and make a week seem like a month in Hawaii

Get the beach set up so you can lounge on the most hottest days in the shade of a sun umbrella with beach chair , cooler with ice, 

 Don’t limited yourself to shore – Use one our kayak or paddle boards to venture out

Get a facelift for youthful skin with LED light therapy

Red light therapy for pain release in your body

Sound therapies to release the emotional junk

Tarot to reveal 

Shamanic journey to get in closer contact with yourself

Dream exploration to dig up and claim the treasure of your life

Kona’s best chocolate, kombucha, vegan / keto no added sugar ice cream and gelato

All at a fraction of the price 

Giovanni reserves the right to totally spoil you

Go with the bundled pack blow out